There are many things to do in Rhodes, Greece. The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It stands in the city’s port and is a must-see sight. You can also swim in the sea or kayak around the coastline. You can also take a cruise on the island. There are many different beaches to choose from.

If you’re looking for an activity that’s both relaxing and romantic, you might want to take an evening dinner cruise. The island is filled with romantic spots, and you’ll enjoy being serenaded by musicians as you dine. Guests can swim during the cruise. Other attractions in Rhodes include Lindos, which is the island’s best archaeological site. Its cliff-side position makes it a thrilling sight to see!

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The city of Rhodes is located on the southern coast. During the summer months, you’ll find a plethora of colorful butterflies in the Valley of the Butterflies. The butterflies arrive in the region from June until September to ensure the survival of the next generation. You’ll enjoy the peaceful setting while watching the majestic creatures. At the same time, you’ll be surrounded by lush scenery.

A visit to the ancient city of Kastello, ruins of the Roloi Clock Tower, the oldest surviving example of gothic architecture in Greece, is another must. This ancient fort may be the location of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes. The site is home to many medieval treasures and secret pathways. So, be sure to take time to visit these places while visiting Rhodes.